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Rally Drilling Services has built its focus on servicing junior explorers in the Atlantic Canada region. Our philosophy is to build with the emerging Atlantic Canadian mining community, with emphasis on growing long term relationships with the teams on the leading edge of our emerging market. 

Rally Drilling Services prides itself on inspiring trust by operating ethically, acting with integrity in all facets of our business, and holding ourselves accountable for our actions.
We are dedicated to the success of our customers, their projects, and the regions we operate in.

Who we are

With the emerging need in Atlantic Canada for cost-effective exploration, our Tonka rig has been designed to mobilize rapidly and service areas including Shallow Core Drilling (400M and below) RC Drilling (70m and below), and Percussion assisted coring. 

Shallow Reverse Circulation Programs, with core tail ability, to quickly delineate broad shallow areas of interest, while staying within budget.


We are adept in fluid control, re-using fluids, and operating sumpless filtering water to be returned to the environment when drilling is complete.   

Under the Nova Scotia Environment Act, groundwater withdrawal in excess of 23000 liters per day requires a “water approval”. Based on this rate, a typical drilling operation conservatively can use only 30 L/min for a period of 12.75 hours per day. Our proprietary Re-Circulation system allows for a recycle rate that lowers average water consumption to 460 liters per day based on ideal ground conditions.   


By recycling, we are able to operate a 24-hour cycle and obtain a social license from NS Environment within reasonable cost parameters.


     The “Tonka” is designed for very low ground impact and very limited pad size. Our 400m drill has a ground pressure of only 3.2 PSI, reducing ruts and water conduits that would normally allow unplanned water infiltration of the regional watershed. 

We are implementing the most progressive safety culture through policy, innovation, but first and foremost culture... 

What we do

Our Fleet

Marcotte HTM 2500

Max NWL 2550M (8694 ft)

Max HWL 1530M (5019 ft)

Max PWL 980M (3215 ft)

Force max 6500 NM (4794 LBF)

Pump FMC Bean 435


Speed 2000 RPM


Discovery EF 50

Max NWL 1530M (5019')

Pump FMC 435

Engine Cummins Tier 3 215 HP

Speed 1300 RPM



Max NWL 1530M (5019')

Pump FMC 435

Engine Deere Tier 3 208 HP

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